Follow-up to the DCHA Annual Meeting July 2014

DC Neighbors,

We had a very successful annual meeting with good updates on our projects and budgets as well as very informative presentations from other community members and Lifeflight of Maine.

We also had an opportunity to thank “retiring” board members Richard Molyneaux, Stu Pergament and Tony Freund for all their service and efforts over the years.

The budget was approved for the upcoming year and three new members were elected to the board.  We are very fortunate to have Paul Woody, Ben Kelley and Jeff Chenard as our new members.  They bring unique expertise and energy that will be very beneficial as we tackle future challenges.

At a board session following the meeting we agreed that the following would be the board assignments for the coming year:

President-  Matt Hoffner

Secretary- Kevin Cooper

Treasurer – Jennifer Dumas Hall

Design Review – Lee Estabrook

Ben Kelley, with great real estate management experience will be taking the lead on some real estate projects.  Jeff as an attorney will be assisting on all legal matters and Paul as a CPA will be working with Jennifer as she enters her final year as our treasurer.

We will be working over the next month to develop a list of our objectives for the year and we expect to actively use the website to provide updates and solicit feedback from the community.

Thank you to the community members who voted and to those who attended the meeting today.

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