Community Garden


Diamond Cove Community Garden members agree to a yearly fee in order to maintain their status as members of the garden and agree to the following conditions.
These fees will help cover garden costs, such as any new equipment necessary to the general upkeep of the garden, i.e. new hoses, pads locks etc.

1. Garden fees ($35) are due in full on or before May 1, 2019. Gardeners who participated last season and wish to renew their plots must pay the applicable fee by May 1. Payments for plots not received by this date will be considered vacant and assigned to the next gardener on the list. Payment (check or cash) should be made out to and sent to: Bjarni Brown, 14 Epping Road, Exeter NH 03833

2. Each gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot.
Watering, weeding, harvesting and any other garden related maintenance are all the responsibility of the gardener. Gardeners may arrange for other gardeners to water/weed their plots.

3. Each gardener will be given one key to the garden.
Gardeners are responsible for bringing that key each time they work in the garden. Keep garden gate and storage bin locked at all times and return all tools.

4. Gardeners must provide their own tools.
Any community-owned items (such as hoses, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc.) should be cleaned and returned to common area when done.

5. Garden plots should be cared for on a regular basis.
It is the gardener’s responsibility to notify the coordinator if he or she is not able to care for their plot. If a gardener fails to plant and/or maintain their plot in a reasonable amount of time, it will be forfeited to the first person on the waiting list.

6. The application of herbicides (weed killers) to the garden plots is prohibited.

7. Gardeners may harvest vegetables and flowers from their garden only.

8. All gardeners are responsible for keeping the walkways around their plots neat and free of weeds.

9. All gardeners must turn off water at spigot at laundry building after every use.
Persistent disregard for this is a massive waste of water and very hard on the hoses and connections.

10. At the end of the growing season, gardeners are responsible for clearing their plot(s) of all plant material and making sure they are securely covered.