Top 10 Reasons to Buy on Diamond Cove

Diamond Cove is an amazing place! Here are the top 10 reasons you should choose Diamond Cove to buy, to build, to live! This top 10 list will start today at #10 and make its way down to #1. Each day there will be a new # added to the countdown…so do not forget to visit daily and please share your comments along the way!

#10. The Community Diamond Cove is a tight-knit community whose members are welcoming and fun.  In the summer months you will often see neighbors congregating on front porches, kids riding bikes together around the parade ground, folks joined at a weekly dinner, or friends going to a golf tournament at a nearby island. The winter community is more intimate, but not lacking in fun! Year-round owners get together at the Administration building for communal dinners and cribbage tournaments by the fireplace, join friends to snowshoe along the wooded paths, or catch up with neighbors after a Sunday yoga class. The Diamond Cove community is a diverse group of people of all ages who truly appreciate how special this island community is!


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