The General Store

The Diamond Cove General Store, once the original blacksmith shop at Fort McKinley, is now home to the island store.

The General Store is the hub of the island and located just steps from the ferry dock and marina. It is open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day.  Since no cars are allowed on Diamond Cove, the roads are safe for children to explore and ride bikes, which are often found slid into a bike rack at the General Store.  The kids gather to scour the candy jars, order a pizza, and pick out their favorite scoop ice cream from the large flavor selection.

The General Store offers family store accounts, another way that provides kids the freedom and independence to shop at the store, and also offers parents the convenience of setting up a prepaid account that their family can use for the entire summer, or for renters to enjoy during their week vacation.

The General Store offers a full menu 2015 General Store Menu grocery items, ice cream, pizza, freshly made sandwiches, lobster rolls, beer & wine, and live or steamed lobsters; caught daily by our island lobsterman. The store also offers free delivery to the whole island.

The General Store strives to use the freshest products from the farm and sea. They are proud to work with local fisherman and specifically Rosemont Market & Bakery, a locally owned business in Portland that provides the island store with locally grown produce, cheeses, meats, and freshly baked breads.

The store has a large front porch which is a nice spot to sit on a sunny morning, drink a fresh cup of hot coffee, nibble on a warm homemade muffin, read the daily newspaper, or check email using their complimentary WIFI.

Homeowners, renters, and visitors have fun attending the weekly dinner specials. Usually held on Thursday nights throughout the summer and fall, the island community comes together and enjoys a great dinner at the store; lobster burritos, chicken kabobs & grilled steak tips are a few of the favorites. The crowd typically pours out onto the porch and lawn to dine with friends and family, or uses the beautiful space in the Art Gallery just next door.  Most weeks patrons can enjoy live music from our own island band.

The General Store is home to many fun events throughout the summer including wine & beer tastings, guest chefs, private parties, homeowner events, and hosts the annual island road race celebration. Keep an eye out for upcoming events.

Check out the General Store website, visit them on Facebook , or call 207 766 3000.